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BlackOut Burger

About B.O.B

proud to be your local munchie dealer

BlackOut Burger started out as a ghost kitchen during the Pandemic. Providing curbside eats for those late nights on the peninsula. 


Despite no longer serving until 3AM; we've stayed true to our first love, SMASH BURGERS.


You can find our mobile kitchen popping up all over Charleston. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for our latest whereabouts.

schedules drop every Tuesday on IG and the StreetFoodFinder App


Our Menu

Simple, Straightforward, Delicious as Hell

If 21 years of F+B taught Chef Cam anything it is, do one thing well and execute it perfectly.



Smashed 1⁄4lbs patties topped with melted American cheese, caramelized onions, Fancy Sauce, house made pickles on a buttery, toasted bun.

make it a double, triple,

or a HASSELHOFF (4 patties with all of the "level-ups") 

Sides & Drinks

we know, we know,

NO FRENCH FRIES, it breaks our hearts too; but the only thing fried on the trailer is the cooks. The good news: satisfying sides you'll love like Frito pie, Zapp's Chips, and (seasonal) salad.

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